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About Nick Wall MSc Nutritionist

AfN registered Nick is a top professional in his field and enjoys a healthy and sporting lifestyle. You can find him regularly in Reform Gym, Blackpool as well as participating in many sports including football, cricket, golf, table tennis and skiing.

Blackpool based nutritionist Nick has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Sport and Exercise Physiology and even more impressive a Master’s Degree in Food and Nutritional Sciences placing him in a fantastic professional position to confidently offer you all the nutrition and exercise help you need.

Nick is a volunteer in the NHS for the British Heart Foundation, where he visits wards and waiting rooms to offer advice on a healthier lifestyle (nutrition, smoking, alcohol and exercise). He is a confident and calming young man and will relish speaking to you, your team, your employees/work colleagues educating/advising you on diet and nutrition. Being extremely passionate about food and nutrition he will give you or the task in hand 100% commitment and attention.

Nicholas has previously produced a successful dietary evaluation and nutrition plan for professional cricket, which was received extremely well (see success stories). He also provides similar work for amateur rugby player’s cricket players as well as helping many gym members successfully reach their goals through dietary interventions and hard work.

During Nicks BSc studies he regularly taught cardiac rehabilitation/exercise referral classes for heartbeat at University of Central Lancashire Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre as well as successful personal studies on elite athletes using dietary supplementation (beetroot and cocoa powder) and there effects on sporting performance. During his MSc Food and Nutritional Sciences studies Nick was awarded 1st place when tasked with producing and pitching a health product idea to a panel of experts. For this the University expressed their interest in working closely together with Nick to use them as petit fours for conferences and meetings as well as selling them throughout the University Commencing in September 2016.


  • MSc Food & Nutrition Sciences
  • BSc Hons Sport & Exercise Physiology
  • BTEC HND Sports Studies
  • National Diploma Sports Science


I offer bespoke diet and exercise plans specific to each clients needs with all macro and micro-nutrients calculated to help reach your goals and to love your body. Remember your body is the only place you HAVE to live!

Initial Consultation

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Follow up Consultations

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8 Week Weight Loss Plan

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12 Week Weight Loss Plan

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12 Week Muscle Building Plan

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Monthly Plans

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Diet and Exercise Plans

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Regular 1 Hour Group Meetings

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Success Stories

To date Nicks most noticeable success story would be Lancashire County Cricket Clubs captain, Steven Croft. Steven came to me during the post season for some help, he wanted to lean up and keep the weight off over the winter months. In 6 weeks Nick and Steven worked on a diet and exercise plan together, reducing his body fat % from 16% to 10% therefore increasing his lean tissue % to 90%.

Steven says:

Lowering my BF % in such a short time was fantastic, Nick is very professional and easy to work with. I couldn’t recommend him more highly

My very own success story

Back in 2012 I was super skinny with a mini beer belly and not a care about the food I put in my body. Until one day after years of friends trying to get me to the gym I gave in. It is the best thing I have ever done, Maria and the Team at Reform Health Club in Blackpool set me on my journey and here I am today, the healthiest and fittest iv ever been, training as a PT with a Bachelors of Science degree in Sport and Exercise Physiology and a Masters degree in Food and Nutritional Sciences.

I would love to share my knowledge of the subject I’m super passionate about with you and help you reach places you never thought possible. If I can do it any one can!

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