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The Bulk Life and Why We Need Carbohydrates.

I get lots of questions about food, amounts and what macros do what. When wanting to bulk, Fats and Carbohydrates are absolutely vital. Fats play a vital role especially Omega 3’s, these help boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and are essential for keeping your hormone balance right. Carbohydrates are going to be broken down into glycogen and stored as energy in your muscles for training. For every 1g of glycogen, 3g of water is pulled into your muscles, making them strong and full. IF YOU’RE NOT EATING ENOUGH CARBOHYDRATES your body will start to use Protein stores for energy and result in burning muscle for energy.

You should aim for 3g of Carbohydrates per Lb lean body mass. Lean ok???? So if you weight 200lbs but 50lbs of that is fat, then you don’t count that 50lbs. Keep note of weekly progress as the aim is to grow muscle, not eat anything you want and get Fat!!!!