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Carbohydrates Weight Training & Strength Events

Carbohydrates are the preferred fuel for any kind of exercise.  They maintain blood glucose levels during exercise and to replace muscle glycogen. It is mainly about eating carbohydrates regularly and often not “loading”. It’s more about a lifestyle if regularly participating in strength activities.  Regular carbohydrate intake […]

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The Bulk Life and Why We Need Carbohydrates.

I get lots of questions about food, amounts and what macros do what. When wanting to bulk, Fats and Carbohydrates are absolutely vital. Fats play a vital role especially Omega 3’s, these help boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and are essential for keeping your hormone balance […]

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Safe Amounts of Coffee to Drink Per Day

Who doesn’t love a coffee right! Do any of you guys feel slightly concerned about how much coffee you drink? Well the latest study published in ‘Food and Chemical Toxicology’ found you can safely consume 400mg of caffeine per day. This is about 4 cups of coffee. […]

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Childhood Obesity and How Big Companies Influence Children and Their Parents

  Where concerns about a child’s nutrition used to focus on dietary insufficiency, now the most serious dietary issue affecting children is OBESITY, the result of eating more food than is needed, rather than too little. Childhood obesity Levels are rapidly increasing and almost all paediatrician reports […]

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Stripping Body Fat and Rep Ranges in the Gym

If you feel your diet is good and the work you’re putting in, in the gym is not in your eyes getting you the results you feel you deserve have a read of this blog post as it may be of some help.   High reps with […]

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