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“Immune Boosting” Tips & Tricks

The immune system is our main defence against infections or toxic agents and with the current COVID-19 fears there is a big interest in easy hacks for “immune boosting” ideas. There is a misunderstanding around the word “boost” and the context it is used in as it […]

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The Bulk Life and Why We Need Carbohydrates.

I get lots of questions about food, amounts and what macros do what. When wanting to bulk, Fats and Carbohydrates are absolutely vital. Fats play a vital role especially Omega 3’s, these help boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and are essential for keeping your hormone balance […]

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Too many people go on ridiculous ‘low fat’ diets and I can’t stand this why??? Fat is super important for our body’s as we all need fat for our brain and body to properly function. Fat is also vital for hormone regulation and especially testosterone production, so […]

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Stripping Body Fat and Rep Ranges in the Gym

If you feel your diet is good and the work you’re putting in, in the gym is not in your eyes getting you the results you feel you deserve have a read of this blog post as it may be of some help.   High reps with […]

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