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Why You Should Choose Nick Wall Nutrition: Unqualified Individuals In The Wellness Industries With False Claims & NO Qualifications

Finding sensible, practical, evidence based nutrition advice can be hard to find, but as a AfN professionally registered nutritionist I spend my days trying to offer exactly that. I offer easy to understand nutrition information based on FACT, NOT FADS. I spend lots of time night and […]

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Carbohydrates Weight Training & Strength Events

Carbohydrates are the preferred fuel for any kind of exercise.  They maintain blood glucose levels during exercise and to replace muscle glycogen. It is mainly about eating carbohydrates regularly and often not “loading”. It’s more about a lifestyle if regularly participating in strength activities.  Regular carbohydrate intake […]

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Hundreds of millions of people are addicted to sugar worldwide and studies show that it stimulates the same ‘pleasure centres’ of the brain as cocaine and heroin.  And just like cocaine and heroin, getting off sugar can be difficult leading to cravings and withdrawal and requires a […]

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