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“Immune Boosting” Tips & Tricks

The immune system is our main defence against infections or toxic agents and with the current COVID-19 fears there is a big interest in easy hacks for “immune boosting” ideas.

There is a misunderstanding around the word “boost” and the context it is used in as it indicates that an overactive immune system such as an autoimmune disease (e.e. MS or Arthritis….)

What we should be asking is “how can I support and maintain a healthy immune system?”
Here are a few tips:

• Exercise: Preferably 150 minutes of moderate activity per week.
Sleep: Poor sleep can increase inflammation, blood pressure, mood fluctuations, lower concentration, alter food preferences to name a few. We should aim for 7-9 hours per night. Lowering caffeine in the evening is a big one too.
Nutrients: Consuming a wide and varied that incorporates all food groups. Fruit, Veg, Carbs, Protein, Dairy/Alternatives and fats.