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Stripping Body Fat and Rep Ranges in the Gym

If you feel your diet is good and the work you’re putting in, in the gym is not in your eyes getting you the results you feel you deserve have a read of this blog post as it may be of some help.


High reps with a low weight or low reps with a heavy weight when cutting body fat is a topic for debate and is extremely misunderstood by so many so I hope this helps. To start what needs to be realised is that you will always be best using rep ranges that gave you the lean muscle tissue in the beginning and to continue lifting the same weight for as long as you can the further into the ‘cut’ (deficit of calories)of body fat you go.


If the weights you lift lowers, then the stimulus that in the start caused hypertrophy also decreases. So basically if you remove the stimulus the muscles need to grow you will also remove the body’s ability preserve the same muscle whilst in a deficit of calories. Fighting to keep all of your lean muscle to develop the body you desire.


The main idea and purpose during a ‘cut’ is not to grow new muscle but to retain current muscle. Doing this and being focused on the calorie deficit side to your diet and also cardio should take care of itself getting you to where you want much faster.


So if you keep hammering out 20+ rep sets in the gym because you think this is burning more calories during your cut phase you’re wrong, here you will in fact lose more muscle. Keep those weights high and get shredded for summer!!!