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Hundreds of millions of people are addicted to sugar worldwide and studies show that it stimulates the same ‘pleasure centres’ of the brain as cocaine and heroin.  And just like cocaine and heroin, getting off sugar can be difficult leading to cravings and withdrawal and requires a detoxification process to wean off it.


Sugar is linked to diabetes, it feeds cancer cells, absolutely batters the thyroid, adrenals and pancreas, weakens the immune system and leads to early aging.


There are many forms of sugar not just your everyday white crystal form which is called sucrose and comes from sugarcane and sugar beets. There are many, many more types of sugar with the main ones being:

Fructose: Found in Honey and Fruits

Glucose: Found in Honey and Fruits

Maltose: Found in Barley

Lactose: Found in Milk, Made from Glucose and Galactose

Galactose: Found in Milk and Dairy


As well as these Starchy foods such as Potatoes, Bread, Rice, Pasta and Cereal convert to sugar when digested. Starches are Carbohydrates that are digested faster than Protein or Fat and can cause a rapid increase in blood sugar levels.


Keep fruits and starchy foods intake in moderation and cut those sweets and desserts which will in turn have a huge impact on your health and waistline.