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Why You Should Choose Nick Wall Nutrition: Unqualified Individuals In The Wellness Industries With False Claims & NO Qualifications

Finding sensible, practical, evidence based nutrition advice can be hard to find, but as a AfN professionally registered nutritionist I spend my days trying to offer exactly that. I offer easy to understand nutrition information based on FACT, NOT FADS. I spend lots of time night and day organizing work for school children and planning talks to connect the public and nutrition professionals alike, most of these with absolutely no financial gain, that’s how much I care.

People have never been more confused about what they should be eating and as a result, everyone is increasingly looking for information for reliable figures in the nutrition industry to help them pick through the noise. But I believe I offer something completely different and professional, I translate proper research straight to your plate and making evidence based nutrition accessible. I can provide credible resources that provide you with a solid grounding of knowledge so that you can move forward and make your own decisions about food and how best to fuel yourself. I am talking about empowerment, and there is nothing more empowering than that!

We all know what we eat can have an impact on our health, but in the endless waves on conflicting nutrition claims and contradictory advice, it can be near impossible to know how to eat so that we feel and function at our best. Our problem is the internet is full of advice. Cookbooks, apps and more Instagram health gurus, than grains of sand. But most are still wondering:

Should I cut carbs? Or just the gluten free ones?
Should I try carnivore?
Should I be vegan?
Should I be Intermittent Fasting?

How is it that the simple fact of eating has become such a minefield of seemingly obscured “facts” and when it comes to food, why are most of us left with the feeling our diets just aren’t healthy enough?

The truth is that there is no one perfect diet for everyone. Eating well is both an art and a science. There is an art to cooking a great meal, planning your time, shopping and keeping in budget of food bills. The science of eating is something different. There are no absolutes or set rules, science is a tool. It is a way to cut through all the bullshit and make sense of the information we are battered with daily. It’s born of evidence and reason and even though it can seem intimidating, it’s something that, with a bit of help everyone can use and apply to their everyday lives. It can help shape your diet and give you the confidence in your choices, safe in the knowledge that you are basing your decisions on the best current information and NOT THE LATEST PRODUCT OR INSTA TREND.

So I, as a nutrition professional (not self-proclaimed or unqualified nutrition guru) can talk you through this fascinating science and teach you how you can harness its power to find a sustainable diet that’s perfect for you.